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The celebrities quoted today were suggested by Craig of the DisAfterDark podcast. The DisAfterDark podcast takes place in the Mouses Head pub in the United Kingdom. They describe the show like this:  “Yet another Disney Podcast, probably containing childish grown up language for immature adults.” I really enjoy the show. Check it out at disafterdark.com

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Ringo Starr


“I remember the day Zak was born. It was the first time I’d felt totally useless. There was Maureen having our baby. She kept on crying “Help!” and I kept asking “How?”.”


The most lost any man can ever feel is in this very situation. The love of your life is in pain, and she is going through this pain, for you and also because of you, and there is absolutely nothing you can do to lessen her pain.

When this happens, or any other situation you can’t get your loved one out of occurs, there is one very important thing you can do. Just be there and give moral support. 

Just not walking away and leaving them alone makes all the difference. They know you would take this from them if you could, but since you can’t, you are going to be with them as they cope.

When Dee was having our daughter, we had just gone through several years of infertility work. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind or hers that this was exactly what we wanted. We were both totally educated on the different stages of birth and the birthing classes had us sharpened to a fine point. Hehehe!

Honestly. I didn’t faint, and we didn’t panic. I only had one official act as birthing coach, and my main use was that she felt the need to squeeze my head in her arms when she had a contraction. I fulfilled that office admirably. We had the usual excitement, but everything was under control  and we rolled with it, had the baby and it was over. Things have been great ever since.

In episode 30 of Daggers Of The Mind, I told the story of a man we found laying beside his bicycle on the edge of the road. He was alone and with a broken femur, he was in a lot of pain. We stopped to help and was able to stabilize the injury and call an ambulance.

When he was on the phone to family members, he said that “an angel and her husband” were helping him.

We did very little but offer support at a time he was helpless, but the effect was way out of proportion to the effort it took to help. You can be someone’s angel today. If you see the opportunity, take it. It costs you so little, but it helps so much.












George Harrison


“Gossip is the Devil’s radio.”


This quote was created back in the day when it was generally accepted that the Devil was the symbol of evil. So we can assume that Mr. Harrison thought that gossip was a bad thing.

Gossip is indeed like a cancer. People who are susceptible to it catch the disease and spread it. It can go viral just like things do on the Internet and destroy lives. Some people have even committed suicide over a rumor that everyone believed about them. The damage can be devastating.

A few years ago there was somebody, as yet unknown, who decided to test the marriages of the employees who seemed to have the best relationships by calling their spouses anonymously and claiming that they knew for a fact that the employee was having an affair with someone else. It caused plenty of trouble around the workplace. I heard that there were breakups, but I can’t confirm it. 

The interesting thing is that when I heard about it happening to someone, I told my wife at home and she said, “Oh, that’s no big deal, they called me last month”.

She told them she had no idea who they were, but she did know me, and there was no way I was having an affair, and hung up on them. She didn’t even worry enough about it to ask me until I brought it up myself since it was being done to other people.

Bottom line. She knew me, she trusted me, and we just breezed right by that test. It kind of makes me think the person who was making the calls must have failed at marriage themselves, and either felt that no one else deserved a good one, or wanted to be convinced it was actually possible to love for a lifetime.

Whatever their reason, it was a purely evil thing to do. Gossip destroys. Period. That is it’s only purpose. There is no good that can ever come out of it. People who engage in it sometimes are unaware of the carnage it is capable of creating, and just go blissfully along hurting, and maybe even killing others’ dreams, their faith, and sometimes their will to live. Don’t spread the radio programs the Devil wants people to hear. There are plenty of good things you can spread instead. Help. Don’t hurt. You and everyone you know will be better for it.


A final quote by Blake Lively


“People gossip. People are insecure, so they talk about other people so that they won’t be talked about. They point out flaws in other people to make them feel good about themselves. I think at any age or any social class, that’s present.”







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