Two College Degrees With No Student Loan Debt -WVP006

On Episode 6 of the WV Podcast, Dee is having a conversation with our daughter Ecil about how she obtained both a bachelors and a separate associates degree in West Virginia, paying for it herself with no grants and with no student loan debt.


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Welcome to the WV Podcast, West Virginia’s Podcast. This show features the great state of West Virginia and stories of the amazing people who make it such a wonderful place to live. Your hosts are Jeff & Dee Holbrook. Let’s tear down the negative hillbilly stereotype that has been assigned to us by the national media. Let’s tell our own story.


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Our featured videos are a couple of great spots for West Virgina state parks. I discovered these on the We Heart WV website. You can find them at Check the site out! You will find great news, video and stories about our great state. The videos are fantastic. Kind of makes us want to go camping right now!




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