The Decision To DUI Is Made When You Are Sober

Don't Drink And Drive!

Don’t Drink And Drive!

In the last two weeks, two drivers in our area made the decision to drink, knowing they would be driving. This decision is always made in advance.

“It could never happen to me.” is the usual mantra. Simply put, bad things happen when people feel 10 feet tall and bulletproof.

Both had accidents in the curve below our house. The first took out the neighbor’s mailbox, (again) and crashed into the hillside below our house, rolling the car down the pavement for quite a distance.

We know he was in a very bad condition when he was finally cut out of the car, but don’t know if he lived or died.

No sooner was the mailbox replaced, but within the week another driver came through, taking it out again, but also going through a section of their fence, hence up the hill into the woods below my house. The only thing that saved them from hitting a gas line was when they hit and knocked down a tree, which stopped them.

All 3 people in the car walked away this time, but it wasn’t without consequences. The tree took out our electricity and cable. Power was restored that night, but our cable and internet is service has been out for a few days. We’re kind of cut off from the world right now. This post will be a sign it is back available, finally.

The driver of the car was in the reserve military, and had a full scholarship in college through that. It was clear he was going to lose both opportunities. Finally, he was driving his grandparents’ car which he totally destroyed. I am assuming his license will be in jeopardy, further impeding his ability to pull out of this and get on with his life.

The decision you make about whether to drink and drive is made when you are stone, cold sober. Are you really that stupid?