How To Get Good Sound on For Cheap

While the teleconferencing site is no more, the principles remain to get good sound while working online. I will leave the article as it is for that reason.

On the video conferencing site, you hear some really bad audio. It is so easy to use that it prompts people to just open their laptops in the most echo prone room in the house and go at it. As one can imagine, it sounds just horrible. Here are some tips for inexpensive ways to get better sound.

1. Use headphones or earbuds. The sound coming from your computer speakers will have a slight delay causing a really bad echo feedback in your audio. It simply sounds horrible. Practice safe Blabbing. Use earbuds.

2. Get a dynamic USB microphone. I use the AT2005USB. It is the same as the ATR2100 mic which has a lifetime warranty, will work with both USB and XLR (to a mixer) connection, and sounds great. Simply plug it in via USB, select it as the mic in your browser, and you are ready to Blab. Using your laptop condenser mic will certainly pick up a dog breathing next door. The dynamic mic rejects many unwanted sounds. You simply sound better.

3. Sound Treatment Sound bounces around your room like a rubber ball. Even your computer monitor can bounce sound waves back into your mic. Again, echo. A slight angle on your monitor can help. Walls and ceilings also contribute to the bounce of sound waves. Absorbing materials can stop a lot of this. The cool thing is that you have much of what you need to solve this problem in your home right now. Carpet, drapes, couches, soft chairs, even stuffed animals absorb the stray waves that can cause unwanted echos. You can also purchase moving blankets, and egg crate bed foam, place them out of sight of your camera and have a reasonable sound chamber to Blab in.

Here is the link to a blog post I did a while back called, “Sound Treatment of Your Podcasting Space“. Check it out!


Here is a sample Blab video featuring myself, and Geoff Blanchard of I am using an AT2005usb mic, earphones and I have some basic sound treatment in the room. Geoff is using professional sound equipment. It is an interesting comparison of how you can sound with a small investment.

Give some thought to your environment, and others will be asking how you are able to sound so good when you Blab. Go for it!!

Jeff Holbrook, CoHost
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