Submit WV Music For Release Here!

The WV Podcast will be accepting submissions for WV Podcast Extras. This will involve releasing on the weeks between the normal biweekly podcast professionally recorded original music by West Virginia individuals and groups. The purpose frankly, is to surprise the world with the quality and diversity of the music being written and recorded by West Virginians. If you want to submit your original song that you own the rights to for consideration, here are the guidelines:Playing Around

1. Above all the lyrics must be clean. No profanity or dirty themes. We plan to preserve the clean rating of our show in iTunes, so if you have any doubts about what to submit, read the guidelines of iTunes. We are the final decision makers on what we decide to release.

2. You must own the full rights to the song submitted, and by submitting, you are granting us the right to release the song on The WV Podcast and on our YouTube channel. Be aware up front that people will be downloading and listening to your song on their own devices and will have a copy of their own. While it is a great way to draw attention to your music, if this bothers you, don’t submit your song. Songs already in the public domain are fine, such a West Virginia church choir singing an old hymn.
Include all contact info, and an image you would like included on the blog post and YouTube. You must also have and grant the rights to the image for use in the release.

Remember, we want to present the best of the independent music West Virginia has to offer in all its diverse genres. The quality of the recording is very important to this goal. Try to match your recording quality to what you hear from the songs we make available.

Subscribe options are on the website. Subscribing will get you The WV Podcast biweekly, and any song submissions we select and publish on the weeks between. We are looking foward to hearing from you! Send an email to Attach the song file to the email.In Tune With Nature

Jeff and Dee Holbrook
Hosts, The WV Podcast.