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The band Portal, from Parkersburg, WV traveled and performed contemporary praise and worship music for 10 years. They made two CDs, and today we are giving you the full recording of the title song of their second CD, “Strong God”. This and their first CD, “Deeper Reason” are only available by contacting them on their Facebook site. All contact information will be given after the song is finished, and will also be available in the show notes for The WV Podcast Extra #2. Also check the show notes for the lyric sheet for this song.
If you would like your own song featured in a WV Podcast Extra, keep listening after the song has finished. Now, “Strong God”. Written by Andrew Holbrook and Tonya Holbrook and performed by their band, Portal.

Strong God. By Portal

Strong God. By Portal

Strong God
Copyright 2006 Andrew Holbrook Tonya Holbrook

They eyes of the Lord, they search
Over the entire earth
To find whose hearts long for Him
To show Himself strong for them
The ears of the Lord, they hear
The cries of the humble prayer
His touch brings healing to us
Revival to the seekers

He’s a strong God, He’s a strong God

The help of the Lord is close
We cling to Him, He upholds
His wings are spread to cover
He comforts like no other
The lips of the Lord, they speak
Love’s promises to the weak
His mighty hand fulfulls each one
Great power makes his will be done

He’s a strong God, He’s a strong God

He’s a strong God, He’s a strong God
He’s a strong God, He’s a strong God
He will show himself strong for you
He’s a strong God
In our weakness, His strength comes through
He’s a strong God
He’s a strong God, He’s a strong God

Strong Lord, strong hand, strong arm, strong in power
Strong Rock, Refuge Habitation and Tower (2x)
He’s a strong God, He’s a strong God, yeah

He’s a strong God, He’s a strong God
He’s a strong God, He’s a strong God, yeah


You can hear an interview with Tonya Holbrook on episode 16 of The WV Podcast

An interview with Andrew Holbrook and his wife Courtney, also in Portal, is available in episode 12 of The WV Podcast.

You can contact the band Portal on their Facebook site at:

This is the only way to get their CDs “Deeper Reason” and “Strong God”. Purchase info will be available on the site, and they are offering a great deal right now. on one or both CDs as long as they last.

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