Ten Advantages Of Podcasting About Your Local Area

Having a local podcast seems to be an odd thing to contemplate in the globally connected world. I really believe however, it will be the next big trend in independent podcasting. The large media corporations are carpet bombing the space with articles, ads and conferences, attempting to shape the space to their liking in time for their invasion over the next couple of years. Instead of understanding it, changing it is their agenda. Small, independent podcasters will simply be ignored when the money starts to fly around.
This being said, an area of podcasting that will be completely ignored by global corporations will be local market podcasting. We little guys have a great opportunity here. Here are some advantages you may not have thought of while thinking globally.


Fishing For New Subscribers

Fishing For New Subscribers

1. You have a total understanding of the culture. If you have lived there for a while, you have instant authority on the subject. You are an expert.

2. Competing shows are less likely. There is likely no other podcast doing what you are doing.

3. Easy market research. Just walk up to your friends and ask.

4. Same number of likely listeners as a global show, but concentrated within a short drive of your house. According to Rob Walch of Liberated Syndication, http://libsyn.com the median show numbers are on one side or the other of 150. A small town show could get you 500, a show about your state could get a few 1000 listeners.

5. Your friends who live in the same area are already interested in the topic. People love home.

6. Global show appeal still applies because people who moved from your area miss home and want to hear about it.

7. You can form social partnerships with groups that have the same mission in other types of media. Not just online, but also local schools, businesses, and organizations.

8. Promotion is old school. Local TV and Radio come into play. Promote local organizations and they will tell people to listen to that particular show. Some will subscribe. Hand out cards and do interviews in person. They will promote you because they really know you.

9. Conferences and related events in your niche are nearby and much cheaper to attend. They are also easier for the smaller podcaster to break into being an event speaker.

10. More frequent face to face feedback. Since most listeners were obtained with face to face contact and word of mouth, when they see you they will comment on your show.


The changing face of podcasting may require a change in thinking for the small, independent podcaster. Don’t get squeezed out by the corporate invasion! Go Local!