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On episode 18 of The WV Podcast, Sara Price-Fortney is back with a full length discussion about Geocaching in the great and scenic state of West Virginia. So, you don’t know what Geocaching is? Well, you aren’t going to want to miss this!

Geocaching Is For Everyone!

Geocaching Is For Everyone!


Welcome to The WV Podcast, West Virginia’s Podcast. This show features the great state of West Virginia and stories of the amazing people who make it such a wonderful place to live. Your hosts are Jeff & Dee Holbrook. Let’s tear down the negative hillbilly stereotype that has been assigned to us by the national media. Let’s tell our own story.

Maker Of The Rain, our theme music, was composed and performed by Tonya Kouns Holbrook, a lifelong West Virginia resident.
Welcome to Episode 18 of The WV Podcast.
Sara Price-Fortney was personally involved with Explore West Virginia, an organization that promotes geocaching as tourism in the state of West Virginia. She traveled around the state giving talks on the subject, and is quite the expert. On today’s episode, Sara is giving a presentation that is going to make you want to get off the couch and spend time enjoying the beauty of our amazing state. Geocaching has something for everyone, and I am sure you will be ready to do this yourself when she is finished with her presentation.

We would like to thank Sara Price-Fortney for being so helpful and kind in giving us cool info about West Virginia once again. She was also in The WV Podcast episode 13 with an interview as the President of the West Virginia Jaycees. Check it out at:

Remember! Geocaching is for everyone!
Grab a friend or family member and get out there!

For more info on Geocaching in West Virginia, contact:

John Morrison, program coordinator with the West Virginia Division of Culture and History
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Let’s Tell Our Own Story.

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