Episode 1- Geoff & Jeffrey – The Weekly Catch Up

This is Jeffrey K. Holbrook.
Welcome to the the audio feed from holbrooknewmedia.com.

Today, Geoff & Jeffrey; The Weekly Catch Up. It’s a video show I do with Geoff Blanchard of Australia on Blab.im. We hope you enjoy the audio version. If you want to see what we look like, I will embed the video for this episode at holbrooknewmedia.com

Geoff is into video, Jeffrey is into audio, and both enjoy the tech of content creation. They are talking about their latest projects, and on this show, topics such as:

Verses in Vox episode Jeffrey is in. holbrooknewmedia.com/voices1

-Finding people you lost on the Internet
-Weird Old Sayings
-Presidential Candidates
-Being old enough to not care what others think of you

Geoff Blanchard is from Australia, and can be found at geoffblanchard.com

Jeffrey K. Holbrook is from the U. S. and his web site is holbrooknewmedia.com


Thank you so much for listening. Links for a free subscription, feedback, and everything else we do is at holbrooknewmedia.com.

You can find all things Geoff Blanchard at geoffblanchard.com.

Don’t just blindly rush through your day…..


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