Ep #3 Geoff & Jeffrey Show

Geoff & Jeffrey Episode #3

Two guys talking Audio, Video, Content Creation and those other things.


Windows 10 backup at an inconvenient time.

Vacation/Holiday week, testing that retirement feeling.

Election literature follies.

Jeffrey’s friend Marissa became a U.S. citizen along with 58 others.

Geoff emigrated to Australia as a child with his parents.

Jeffrey’s first audio book is finished and available now for sale. The Process is discussed. http://holbrooknewmedia.com/ppj

Geoff’s dog William is snoring, while Jeffrey’s used kitty is trying to get in the door.

Jeffrey is working with Verses In Vox again. The workflow is detailed.


Mic technique and positioning.

Sound treatment for our recording spaces.

Geoff’s video creation of jets piling in behind each other. https://youtu.be/ayp2tCSJAeg

Acting classes as training for voice over work.

Mike Lenz Voice Over Podcast. http://www.mikelenzvoice.com/

The Audiobook Creation Exchange is not allowed in Australia.

Singing and Public speaking is good training for voice over.

No degree required for voice over, how good it is rules.

The show must go on! Preparation and presentation is key.

National Association Of Broadcasters  http://www.nabshow.com/

Picks Of The Week.

Tony and Chelsie Northrop video channel.


Getting a good used Kitty or Doggie at the local shelter.


Geoff Blanchard can be found at geoffblanchard.com

Jeffrey K. Holbrook’s site: holbrooknewmedia.com

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