Ep 5 Geoff & Jeffrey Show

Geoff & Jeffrey Episode #5

Audio, Video, Content Creation, and that other stuff.


Discussion on Episode #5


Cleaning your webcam for the best results

Geoff prefers using the I-Mac instead of the Mac Book Pro for doing the show.

Geoff has a chapter recorded for Librivox, where you can get free audio books. https://librivox.org/

The difficulty of punching in recording mistakes instead of re-recording.

Gear Acquisition Syndrome or G.A.S.

Having a mic with no idea what you want your show will be about.

Sound treatment installation follies.

Distance from the mic in different applications.

Bill DeWeese voice over guy. http://www.billdewees.com/

Comparing Bill DeWees’ professional Whisper Room to Jeff’s homemade booth. http://www.whisperroom.com/

Each of our recording processes.

Verses In Vox. http://verses.porchlightfamilymedia.com/

Zoom H5 recorder. Excellent review from Golden Spiral Media https://youtu.be/6XrPwMqfUfU

Pluraleyes software. https://www.redgiant.com/products/pluraleyes/

Comparing the difficulty and expense of audio versus video.

Ray Ortega video dude extraordinaire. https://www.youtube.com/user/thepodcastersstudio

Record in a sound treated space with a reasonable mic.

Cable TV versus internet streaming.

Cell Phone useage at home and work.


Everything Geoff Blanchard does can be found at http://geoffblanchard.com

Jeffrey K. Holbrook is at http://holbrooknewmedia.com


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