Ep. 6 Geoff & Jeffrey Show, The Weekly Catch Up

Ep. 6 Geoff & Jeffrey Show, The Weekly Catch Up


Audio, Video, Content Creation, and that other stuff!


Topics Covered:


Trouble getting into Blab and recovering a no-show recording of a Blab. http://blab.im

Everything you say online is being monitored or recorded. Sage words from the the great prophet Thumper.

Geoff got a new portable green screen.

Jeffrey is trying out some smaller earbud style headphones.

Geoff’s video magic, and Jeffrey ripping the audio out of Geoff’s finished video for his podcast feed.

Podcast listening habits. Making silence lengths equal on an episode sounds wierd.

Podcast niche. Making a general audio feed instead of being so specific. Having fun instead of trying to make money on podcasting. Holbrook New Media Audio Feed at http://holbrooknewmedia.com

William, Geoff’s dog is snoring, and Lilly, Jeffrey’s used kitty is scratching at the door.

Our sound treatment configurations.

Logitech C920 camera quirks. http://holbrooknewmedia.com/recording-gear/

Teleprompter Pro for iPad. It’s in the iTunes store.

Adventures with glasses.

Star Trek Tech

Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro video processing software. http://www.apple.com/final-cut-pro/ http://www.adobe.com/products/premiere.html

Sony Sound Forge  http://holbrooknewmedia.com/recording-gear/

Podcast Media Hosting at Liberated Syndication http://libsyn.com


geoffblanchard.com      holbrooknewmedia.com


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