Thirty-Three Dollars a Second -GJ9

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Today on Episode 9 of Geoff & Jeffrey: The Weekly Catch Up, here are some of the things we are talking about:

Geoff is lamenting about the shirt he has worn, because it looks like it moving on the screen.

Talking about some images from Jeffrey’s photography collection.

Jeffrey reports on stats for the first three episodes of Geoff & Jeffrey that have been released on the Holbrook New Media Audio Feed.

Geoff did a professional video that could make the Melbourne, Australia tourism authorities jealous. He describes his techniques.

Geoff has a water proof GoPro camera, but finds it awkward to use.

YouTube, Vimeo and podcasting give you good reason to present good production techniques.

Larry Becker, the product video guy for B&H was on the other video show Geoff does called Tech Down Over. He is teaching simple video things that can make your videos look professional grade.

Sometimes film trailers are the only good bits of an entire film.

Jeffrey’s highest rate of pay ever was $33 dollars a second. It was for a 3 second run of an image in a film.

The relationship of filming time VS. actual time on screen.

The possibility of having your web cam hacked.

Jeffrey’s pick of the week. Daniel J. Lewis has National Association of Broadcasters Show new product videos.

How great Audacity is as an audio editing program.

Using a live stream for infomercials is wierd.

Geoff put an alarm in WireCast to let us know when the show is over.

We hope you enjoy the show!


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