Loving Your Condenser Mic -GJ10

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Today on The Geoff & Jeffrey show:

Curtis Judd, the audio and video expert on Tech Down Over.

Loving our Rode NT1-A condenser mics.

Jonathon Gill, Jeffrey’s friend recording acoustic guitar this evening past in Jeffrey’s sound booth. Jonathon is starting a Christian ministry podcast, and the music will be used by Jonathon and Jeffrey on their shows.

The classic radio guy, Like Gary Owens on “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In” is not in vogue for voice over the way it used to be. They want real people speaking like real people.

Pronunciation quirks of various parts of the world. herbs, niche, cache, asterisk, solder.

Legalizing Marijuana in various states in the U.S.

Comparing German and English.

West Virginia Dumb Hillbilly stereotype origins explained.

Geoff respects actors who are able to adapt their accents from show to show
Australian Cigarettes can only be in green packages, and can only have pictures of rotting lungs and teeth.

The American government made millions off of cigarette taxes for decades and then turned around and sued the tobacco companies for causing health issues.

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