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We had a special guest today on Episode 11 of The Geoff & Jeffrey show, Ms. Ileane Smith. She is a social media guru extraordinaire, and a good friend of Jeffrey’s.

Here are some of the things we are talking about:

Blab and Wirecast don’t always play well together.

Huge flooding in West Virginia with massive property damage and more than 20 killed. Flood Image Album by Aimee Mullinex Ramsey

Jeffrey’s friends at the Cinema Toast Crunch Podcast had knee high water in their podcasting space.

Something eerie… Jeffrey actually recorded over 15 minutes of the storm that flooded everyone out. Don’t forget the victims once the news coverage subsides.

Why do people continue to live in chronic disaster areas? Geoff says there isn’t much potential for natural disasters in Melbourne, Australia.

Jeffrey recounts one of the most tragic deaths.

History records show us that many people have lived with much more tragedy than we face.

Bill Dewees charges $20 per finished minute on eLearning modules. Geoff likes how Bill covers both the voicing and the business side of voice over.

Ms. Ileane tells it like it is. She is big time smarty pants. :

She has been recording her podcast on Blab, but may be switching to Huzza. It is integrated with Patreon.

The time to service social media is at a premium for most of us that work full time.

Not sure of the future of Blab, and Ileane says you always have to have a plan “B”.

Here is were to find all of Ms. Ileane’s tutorials for various social media platforms.

Online streaming is discussed by Geoff and Ileane while Jeffrey mainly listens since he really doesn’t know much about it. hehehe!

Geoff loves Larry Becker’s short videos with cool video tips. Ms. Ileane is going to check it out.

Scott Kelby is a fancy photography and Adobe Photoshop guru guy. Jeffrey participated in a Kelby Photowalk in Charleston, West Virginia.

Geoff made a video with Kolin the Koala.

The old TWAIN scanning acronym stands for Technology Without An Important Name.

Using old computers for specialty uses that have been phased out in newer incarnations of software.

Some people come to Blab to learn English.

Ileane’s Blog:
Philadelphia podcasters meetup:

Geoff’s mother’s birthday is on July 4th.

We hope you enjoy the show!

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