The “Indian Telemarketers” Don’t Want To Talk – Geoff & Jeffrey #14

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On episode 14 of The Geoff & Jeffrey Show, here are some of the things we are talking about:
Jeffrey is doing the show from his daughter’s apartment in Indiana. A discussion of his mobile gear.

Jeffrey has found that the domain names he let expire at the last show are unwilling to go quietly.

Sometimes you can get a better deal on something if you go away and check back later.

Geoff gets a call from the “Indian Telemarketers” but they don’t want to talk.

Jeffrey laughs out loud at Geoff’s video version of the show.

Windows 10 boots up a lot quicker than both of our original Windows 7 computers.

Windows 8 was really bad, in that it gave you touch screen features to use even when you didn’t have a touch screen.

Audio and video editing are really better suited for a mouse and keyboard than on a touch screen.

Having a second monitor can increase your productivity.

Geoff shows his Logitech wireless keyboard, that is actually solar so it doesn’t need to keep changing batteries. The coolness of solar.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

Geoff uses his Mac computer for personal things and a PC for all work related activity.

Funny things seen at Walmart, including people wearing pajama pants.

Discussing the casual manner of dress adopted by today’s society.

Both “Fannie” and “Randy” mean different things in Australia and the U.S.

Quick access to relevant info online is getting more amazing all the time.

This also means that ads are much more targeted than they used to be.

Doing the show from an untreated room like Jeffrey is doing illustrates the value of using a dynamic mic instead of a condenser to control unwanted noise and echo.
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