Term Limits For Everyone! -Geoff & Jeffrey #15

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Today on Episode #15 The Geoff & Jeffrey show, here are some of the things we are talking about:

Blab will let you schedule two Blabs with identical names by assigning a unique number to each.

Geoff added some more bling to the screen on the video version of the show.


Jeffrey got a new coffee cup sporting the various expressions of Darth Vader. He is drinking Chai tea. Unlike most Americans, Jeffrey believes all tea should be hot.


Geoff listens to podcasting while walking to see his mother, while Jeffrey listens while driving to and from work.

A long commute gives you time to think and get mentally prepared for your day.

You are more apt to be late for work if you live closely than if you have a long commute.

Jeffrey let Geoff hear a demo he made for episode #11 that has been submitted to libsyn.com for The Feed podcast. It is the episode with Ms. Ileane Smith as a guest.


Some in the U.S. say that Skype has been more reliable lately, but Geoff says it has been woeful lately for him.

Some drones have a 3x zoom lens on them now. One even has a 16x zoom. Some can be controlled by 4G, so can be controlled in other states.

Example of a drone with a camera


The only people who are restricted by new laws are those who abide by the laws anyway.

Geoff thinks that a good behavior early release is crazy since we are all expected to be on good behavior anyway.

Government action usually involves the making or saving of money.

Jeffrey’s wedding anniversary is on Mickey Mouse’s birthday, Nov. 18th.

A discussion of the political systems of both Australia and the U.S.

Geoff has been watching YouTube videos of abandoned places.

Gambling VS the stock market.

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