Mirrored & Mirrorless Cameras- Aftershow Chat – Geoff & Jeffrey Show

Aftershow Chat – Geoff & Jeffrey: The Weekly Catch Up

“Mirrored and Mirrorless Cameras”


This is Jeffrey K. Holbrook of holbrooknewmedia.com. There won’t be a regular episode today, but have you ever wondered what happens when an episode of a show like Geoff & Jeffrey is over?

While doing the show, we are streaming live on YouTube, on the RELATEcasts network. The streaming lags behind us by a minute or two, so the first thing we do is wait in silence for the RELATEcasts video ending that Geoff triggers to finish. I am monitoring the live stream on my end, so we wait to make sure it ends and confirms that the stream is offline.

I am also doing my own audio recording for the podcast that comes out the following Monday.

Many times I let the recording continue until we hang up the Skype call. On Episode #32, I did this, and I thought since we are not having a Geoff & Jeffrey this week, you may want to hear our after show conversation. This is unedited, and finishes with the sound of the call termination.

We hope you enjoy this look behind the scenes. We appreciate you for listening, and encourage you to go to RELATEcasts.com to check out the video version of the show.


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We hope you enjoy the show!

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