A Final Breakfast With My Father – HNM012

Floyde Holbrook, passed away 4-4-17

My Father, Floyde Holbrook

Holbrook New Media Audio Feed – HNM012

“A Final Breakfast With My Father”


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Since there was no Geoff & Jeffrey Weekly Catch Up show this week, I thought I would take this oportunity to play an audio recording I did 6 weeks before my father, Floyde Holbrook passed away. My wife Dee and I had breakfast with him, and I placed a digital audio recorder in the middle of the table. We had a conversation with him about how things used to be compared to the way they are now.

This is the world view and perspective of an 82 year old man. He was raised poor in the coal camps of WV, and with a high school education, married, provided for and raised 5 boys in a Christian home. He and my mother, June Gibson Holbrook were married for 58 years. People are shocked when they hear this, but following their example, all 5 boys are married to their original wives, and all have been married on one side or the other of the 30 year mark.

My father walked a gentle path, and made his mark on this world, not just with his family, but with everyone he met. Some of his opinions will doubtless be considered outdated today, but ask yourself, Should they be?


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