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This is Jeffrey K. Holbrook. For the last 3 years, I have been putting out audio podcasts on this channel. I have really enjoyed it and I hope you have too. For nearly a year, The Weekly Catch Up video version has been released on the RelateCasts network on YouTube.

RelateCasts has started their own audio podcasting channel, and you will be able to find not only The Weekly Catch Up, but audio of the other great shows that are on the RelateCasts network. As a result, I plan to discontinue episodes on this channel, and would like to direct you to the new location of the audio show.

To listen and subscribe for free, Go to:

You can also find them in iTunes.

Video episodes will always be found on our Facebook page. That’s Please like our page to be notified of new episodes.

Again, thank you all so much for listening. We hope to see you subscribed at the new audio feed. Again, that’s All links will be in the show notes.


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