About WV Podcast

The WV Podcast is about the great state of West Virginia and the stories of the wonderful people who live here. “It’s time to tell our own story.” After launching on West Virginia’s 152nd birthday on June 20th, 2015, it will be published every other Thursday thereafter. If you were born in, long for, or are simply fascinated by our beautiful state, Join Us!!

Let's Tell Our Own Story. wvpodcast.com

Let’s Tell Our Own Story.

Jeff and Dee Holbrook met in 1982. Since both were determined to marry their best friend, and that just happened to be each other, love blossomed and they were married in 1983. They have always enjoyed working together on everything from singing, photography and child rearing (their daughter Ecil was born in 1990), to podcasting. Jeff started his solo podcast, Daggers Of The Mind on September 29th, 2014, and now, Dee has been bitten by the bug and the result is the WV Podcast. This works out great since Dee is such a natural. (I’m sure you can tell that Jeff is writing this!)

Hosts of The WV Podcast

Jeff and Dee Holbrook

Jeff and Dee are both life long residents of West Virginia and love the people, the culture and yes, the MOUNTAINS! We have an amazingly beautiful state, and can’t wait to share the stories with you. Check it out at: wvpodcast.com