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In Shakespeare’s play, MacBeth asks if the vision he is seeing is real, or a “dagger of the mind” a false creation. This show, Daggers Of The Mind, seeks to highlight those rare times when celebrities, the most unreal people we know of, utter profound philosophical truths.


A short bio of Jeffrey K. Holbrook:

Growing up, we had a family Christian singing group, so I was on stage before I realized a person was supposed to have stage fright.

Over my first 20 years, I sang, played music, competed in music and public speaking events, recorded in studio, and generally had a blast doing it all.

In 1982, I met and in 1983 married the love of my life, Dee. This is truly a love for a lifetime. Our daughter, Ecil was born in 1990, and she rocks! She has met the love of her life as well, Andrew, and they are starting their lives together soon.

Over that time, I got into computer programming, photography, writing, more studio recording and voice over work in addition to my normal career.

My first podcast, Daggers Of The Mind, started on my 51st birthday, September 29th, 2014. All of my hobbies of the previous decades were encompassed in this one thing. I really enjoyed doing the podcast, and hope you will enjoy it too. Fifty episodes were published, ending on September 7th, 2015. The success and opportunity of The WV Podcast made it prudent to put more time into that show. Daggers Of The Mind however, is timeless content and I hope you will enjoy it far into the future!

Thanks for checking out the podcast, video and blog content!

Jeffrey K. Holbrook, Host

Daggers Of The Mind