Is Australian Style Gun Confiscation The Answer? -HNM006

“Is Australian Style Gun Confiscation The Answer?”   Welcome to the Holbrook New Media Audio Feed. We do Audio, Video, Content Creation, and That Other Stuff. Due to work schedules, there won’t be a Geoff & Jeffrey show this week, but I am releasing a shorter conversation Geoff and […]

A Brilliant Idea, Just A Little Late -Geoff & Jeffrey #24

Episode 24 of The Geoff & Jeffrey: The Weekly Catch Up “A Brilliant Idea, Just A Little Late” If you would like to receive notifications of new episodes in your email, go to On the right side of the page there is a place to subscribe to the blog. […]

Ep #3 Geoff & Jeffrey Show

Geoff & Jeffrey Episode #3 Two guys talking Audio, Video, Content Creation and those other things. —————————————————– Windows 10 backup at an inconvenient time. Vacation/Holiday week, testing that retirement feeling. Election literature follies. Jeffrey’s friend Marissa became a U.S. citizen along with 58 others. Geoff emigrated to Australia as a […]