Sara Price-Fortney

Sara Price-Fortney on Geocaching in WV -WVP018

On episode 18 of The WV Podcast, Sara Price-Fortney is back with a full length discussion about Geocaching in the great and scenic state of West Virginia. So, you don’t know what Geocaching is? Well, you aren’t going to want to miss this! Intro Welcome to The WV Podcast, West […]

Woody Williams & Sara Price-Fortney -72nd WV Jaycees President -WVP013

On episode 13 of The WV Podcast, our Famous West Virginian is Woody Williams, and we have a great interview with Sara Price-Fortney, the 72nd West Virginia State president of the Jaycees. Intro Welcome to The WV Podcast, West Virginia’s Podcast. This show features the great state of West Virginia […]